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Quantitative imaging of the clearance systems in the eye and the brain.

Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery, 2020; 10(1):1-14

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Publications: Publications

Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 2024; 12: 19

Early inner plexiform layer thinning and retinal nerve fiber layer thickening in excitotoxic retinal injury using deep learning-assisted optical coherence tomography

D Ma, W Deng, Z Khera, TA Sajitha, X Wang, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, S Lee; H Shi, MJ Ju, J Matsubara, MF Beg, M Sarunic, RM Sappington, KC Chan

IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 2024; (Accepted)

Accuracy and Usability of Smartphone-based Distance Estimation Approaches for Visual Assistive Technology Development

G Hamilton-Fletcher, M Liu, D Sheng, C Feng, TE Hudson, JR Rizzo, KC Chan

Communications Biology, 2023; 6(1):679.

GABA decrease is associated with degraded neural specificity in the visual cortex of glaucoma patients

JW Bang, C Parra, K Yu, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan

Brain Communications, 2023; 5(2): fcad119 

Diverging patterns of plasticity in the nucleus basalis of Meynert in early- and late-onset blindness

JW Bang, RW Chan, C Parra, MC Murphy, JS Schuman, AC Nau, KC Chan

The Neuroscientist, 2023; 29(1): 117-138 

Visual plasticity in adulthood: Perspectives from Hebbian and homeostatic plasticity

JW Bang, G Hamilton-Fletcher, KC Chan

Biology, 2022; 11(3): 454

Advanced diffusion MRI of the visual system in glaucoma: from experimental animal models to humans

M Mendoza, M Shotbolt, MA Faiq, C Parra, KC Chan

Frontiers in Ophthalmology, 2023; 2:1057896

Reverse translation of artificial intelligence in glaucoma: Connecting basic science with clinical applications

D Ma, LR Pasquale, MJA Girard, CKS Leung, Y Jia, MV Sarunic, RM Sappington, KC Chan

Neural Regeneration Research, 2023; 18 (5): 1139-1146

Ocular manifestations of central insulin resistance

MA Faiq, T Sengupta, M Nath, T Velpandian, D Saluja, R Dada, T Dada, KC Chan

In vivo MRI evaluation of anterograde manganese transport along the visual pathway following whole eye transplantation

C Komatsu, Y van der Merwe, L He, A Kasi, JR Sims, MR Miller, IA Rosner, AA Su, JS Schuman, KM Washington, KC Chan

Neural Regeneration Research, 2022; 17(5):937-947

Glymphatic imaging and modulation in the optic nerve

A Kasi, C Liu, MA Faiq, KC Chan

Neurotherapeutics, 2021; 18: 1339–1359

Citicoline modulates glaucomatous neurodegeneration through intraocular pressure-independent control

Y van der Merwe, MC Murphy, JR Sims, MA Faiq, XL Yang, LC Ho, IP Conner, Y Yu, CK Leung, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan

Frontiers in Medicine 2021; 8:681169

Oral scutellarin treatment ameliorates retinal thinning and visual deficits in experimental glaucoma

J Zhu, A Sainulabdeen, K Akers, V Adi, JR Sims, E Yarsky, Y Yan, Y Yu, H Ishikawa, CK Leung, G Wollstein, JS  Schuman, W Wei, KC Chan

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 2021; 62(10): 21

Diffusion tensor imaging of visual pathway abnormalities in five glaucoma animal models

MK Colbert, LC Ho, Y van der Merwe, XL Yang, GJ McLellan, SA Hurley, AS Field, H Yun, Y Du, IP Conner, C Parra, MA Faiq, JH Fingert, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan. 

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2021; 54:1706–1729 

Role of structural, metabolic, and functional MRI in monitoring visual system impairment and recovery

JR Sims, AM Chen, Z Sun, W Deng, NA Colwell, MK Colbert, J Zhu, A Sainulabdeen, MA Faiq, JW Bang, KC Chan.

Scientific Reports, 2021; 11: 15513

In vivo MRI evaluation of early postnatal development in normal and impaired eyes

J Au, S Kancherla, M Hamade, M Mendoza, KC Chan

Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery, 2020; 10(1):1-14

Quantitative imaging of the clearance systems in the eye and the brain

W Deng, C Liu, C Parra, JR Sims, MA Faiq, A Sainulabdeen, H Song, KC Chan

Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, 2019; 72:100767

Cholinergic nervous system and glaucoma: From basic science to clinical applications

MA Faiq, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

Scientific Reports, 2019; 9: 14168

Widespread brain reorganization perturbs visuomotor coordination in early glaucoma

V Trivedi, JW Bang, C Parra, MK Colbert, C O’Connell, A Arshad, MA Faiq, IP Conner, MS Redfern, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, R Cham, KC Chan.

Acta Biomaterialia 2019; 94: 219-231.

Intracameral injection of a chemically cross-linked hydrogel to study chronic neurodegeneration in glaucoma

KC Chan, Y Yu, SH Ng, HK Mak, YW Yip, Y van der Merwe, T Ren, JS Yung, S Biswas, X Cao, Y Chau, CK Leung.

Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2019; 13:35

Applications of manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in ophthalmology and visual neuroscience

W Deng, MA Faiq, C Liu, V Adi, KC Chan.

Neural Regeneration Research, 2019; 14(3):446-449

In vivo imaging of structural, metabolic and functional brain changes in glaucoma

A Kasi, MA Faiq, KC Chan.

Scientific Reports 2018; 8:4643.

Age-related changes in eye, brain and visuomotor behavior in the DBA/2J mouse model of chronic glaucoma

XL Yang, Y van der Merwe, J Sim, C Parra, LC Ho, JS Schuman, G Wollstein, KL Lathrop, KC Chan.

Scientific Reports, 2017; 7:43124

Longitudinal assessments of normal and perilesional tissues in focal brain ischemia and partial optic nerve injury with manganese-enhanced MRI

KC Chan, SS Liu, Y van der Merwe, IY Zhou, SJ Fan, VK Hung, SK Chung, WT Wu, KF So, EX Wu

Experimental Eye Research 2017; 160:85–95

Whole-globe biomechanics using high-field MRI

AP Voorhees, LC Ho, NJ Jan, H Tran, Y van der Merwe, KC Chan*, IA Sigal* (*Co-corresponding authors)

Scientific Reports, 2016; 6:32080.

Non-invasive MRI assessments of tissue microstructures and macromolecules in the eye upon biomechanical or biochemical modulation

LC Ho, IA Sigal, NJ Jan, XL Yang, Y van der Merwe, Y Yu, CK Leung, IP Conner, T Jin, EX Wu, SG Kim, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

Scientific Reports, 2016; 6:31464.

Retinal structures and visual cortex activity are impaired prior to clinical vision loss in glaucoma

MC Murphy, IP Conner, C Teng, JD Lawrence, Z Safiullah, B Wang, RA Bilonick, SG Kim, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

NeuroImage, 2016:125:932-40

Top-down influence on the visual cortex of the blind during sensory substitution

MC Murphy, AC Nau, C Fisher, SG Kim, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

Neural Regeneration Research, 2015; 10(11):1717-19.

Use of sensory substitution devices as a model system for investigating cross-modal neuroplasticity in humans

AC Nau, MC Murphy, KC Chan.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 2015; 56(6): 3788-3800.

In vivo evaluation of white matter integrity and anterograde transport in visual system after excitotoxic retinal injury with multimodal MRI and OCT

LC Ho, B Wang, IP Conner, Y van der Merwe, RA Bilonick, SG Kim, EX Wu, IA Sigal, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 2014;55(9):5662-72.

Magic angle-enhanced MRI of fibrous microstructures in sclera and cornea with and without intraocular pressure loading

LC Ho, IA Sigal, NJ Jan, A Squires, Z Tse, EX Wu, SG Kim, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 2014;55(6):3747-57.

In vivo assessment of aqueous humor dynamics upon chronic ocular hypertension and hypotensive drug treatment using gadolinium-enhanced MRI

LC Ho, IP Conner, CW Do, SG Kim, EX Wu, G Wollstein, JS Schuman, KC Chan.

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