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About Us

The Neuroimaging and Visual Science Laboratory in NYU Langone’s Departments of Ophthalmology and Radiology is directed by Kevin C. Chan, PhD. Our laboratory focuses on developing and applying new methods for noninvasive imaging of neurodegeneration, neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity, and neuroregeneration in people with vision-related diseases and injuries. We study the structural, metabolic, physiological, and functional relationships between the eyes, brain, and behavior in health and disease, with the mission to improve vision preservation and restoration.

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Brain Scans


  • Structural, metabolic, and functional relationships between eye, brain, and behavior in health and disease.

  • In vivo ocular imaging and neuroimaging of degeneration, development, protection, plasticity, and regeneration


Glaucoma Neuroimaging and Neurotherapeutics in Humans and Experimental Animal Models

Widespread brain involvements and clinical/behavioral relevance; Early detection and disease progression; Vision preservation and restoration

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